Dworzec główny PKP w Toruniu w świetle analiz porównawczych
Data publikacji online: 25-11-2019
Data publikacji: 25-11-2019
Autor do korespondencji
Anna Kaprzyk
KMW 2019;305(3):599-614
The subject of the paper is to show the main railway station in Toruń in the light of comparative analyses. Its aim is to bring out the characteristic elements in the superstructure, architectural decoration and interior design of the station and to compare them with a group of twelve other structures of this type located in former East Prussia. These buildings were grouped on the basis of stylistic similarities, but they are also connected by the time of creation, because they were all built in the second half of the nineteenth century. Some of them have not survived to this day, most have been modernised, but the rich photographic record from the turn of the century allows for comparative analysis. Due to the changes that the building of the principal train station in Toruń underwent, its history is briefly presented at the start of this paper. The aim is to highlight the changes that the building underwent during the 159 years of existence; the most important railway building serving passengers in the city.
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