Studium nauczycielskie w Olsztynie w latach 1954-1969. Przyczynek do badań szkolnictwa pedagogicznego na Warmii i Mazurach
Data publikacji online: 03-10-2017
Data publikacji: 04-10-2017
KMW 2017;297(3):517-541
The Teachers’ Training School in Olsztyn was founded in 1954 by the pedagogue Bolesław Wytrążka. Its task was to educate primary school teachers in grades V–VII to meet the needs of the Olsztyn voivodeship. The studies took place in daily and extramural forms. In the Olsztyn branch, the curriculum implemented compulsory subjects as well as compulsory classes. The programme of education consisted of compulsory subjects and pedagogical practice, writing diploma theses and submitting diploma exams. Graduates were able to continue their studies at the third year of higher education. The Teacher Training College in Olsztyn was liquidated in 1969. His task was taken over by the Higher School of Teachers in Olsztyn. The chronicle of the Teacher’s Studies in Olsztyn presented in the annex is preserved solely in the original and not in any other copies of the manuscript. It is stored in the collections of the Archives and Museum of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. The text of the chronicle was printed, and the use of cursive enabled the author to apply footnotes and to deal with shortcuts
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