Powstanie i organizacja pruskiego więzienia w Sztumie
Data publikacji online: 08-05-2016
Data publikacji: 08-05-2016
KMW 2016;291(1):71-89
In 1911 started a construction of Central and Youth Prison in Sztum (Zentral und Jugendgefängnis) for East and West Prussia. This was the result of efforts of local authorities of the city and a favorable decision of the Prisons Management in Berlin. The construction of prision complex, which consisted of a settlement for prision officials and walled prision buildings with building of prison board, was completed in 1915. The prison was considered to be modern, because of its amiliesion of watter supply, sewerage, central heating and lighting. The right numer of prison cells, created residential pavilion for quarantine purposes, bath, infirmary, class and workshop rooms, provide persons deprived of liberty, not just good social conditions, but also creates opportunities for the educational function of prison. The prision was provided for 400 juvenile criminals. Next to the prison was located a settlement for prision officials amilies, which provided a very good social conditions. Staff consisted of 50 people, headed by a Director. The prison in Sztum was subjected to the prosecutor of the Court of Appeal, and indirectly to the Prison Management in Berlin. It should be noted that the Prussian prison in Sztum was a modern prison facility, well-protected, providing good living conditions to prisoners and adapted to implement cel system already declining and introduced progressive system of serving a penalty in prison.
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