Stosunki niemiecko-sowieckie w aspekcie Prus Wschodnich podczas wojny polsko-bolszewickiej na forum Sejmu Ustawodawczego 1919–1922
Data publikacji online: 10-08-2020
Data publikacji: 10-08-2020
KMW 2020;308(2):217-239
Regaining independence after 123 years of partitions led to various difficult problems faced by the Polish state. The main issue of the first months of freedom was the appointment of crucial organs of state authorities that would be legitimised by the nation to rule lawfully. On 28 November 1918, Józef Piłsudski, the interim Head of State, issued a second decree on the Legislative Sejm elections and set its date to 26 January 1919. The First Sejm of the 2nd Republic of Poland handled a wide array of internal problems and relations with other countries, which was an obvious scope of duties for the time of its operation. When it came to the relations with neighbours, its mem-bers devoted the majority of their attention to Polish-Russian (Soviet) arrangements. The issue of German-Russian relations was also discussed. It was caused by the interest of political parties in the state’s foreign policy and their fears for Poland’s security. The parties aimed at presenting their stands on the contemporary problems in Pol-ish-Russian relations in the context of German-Russian cooperation, but also wanted to affect said relations with their activities and interpellations.
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