Obywatelskie dylematy uśmiechniętego biskupa Ignacego Krasickiego
Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie
Data publikacji online: 05-04-2018
Data publikacji: 06-04-2018
Autor do korespondencji
Krystyna Stasiewicz
KMW 2018;299(1):130-153
The Bishop of Warmia, Ignacy Krasicki, was involved in politics as a senator of the Republic and president of Prussian lands. His period of office (1766–1795) coincided with dramatic historical events, during which he had to make difficult choices. This was the case in 1767, the year of the dissident confederation and the Repninowski Parliament (Sejm). Krasicki had another dilemma in March 1768 – what position to take towards the Bar Confederates. Contrary to the expectations of King Stanisław August Poniatowski and the Russian ambassador, Repnina stood as the only senator who defended the Confederates. They intended to acquire XBW. Krasicki wanted to be neutral and in 1769 he left for France. The situation in Warmia was difficult. The bishop struggled with the Prussian threat and was alone in his actions. In the history of the state, Warmia and XBW, the first partition of Poland tragically took place in 1772. Warmia was incorporated into Prussia and the bishop became a Prussian subject. Krasicki was, however, wellversed in domestic matters. In his writings, he found psychological support and the opportunity to engage in politics. The author discusses several patriotic works in a synthetic way: The Tomb of Freedom of Poland, Hymn to the Love of the Homeland, a poem with inc. He Carried the Moment What Time Commanded, Song for the 3rd of May. She also draws attention to the novel Mr. Podstoli, praised by the king, in which the writer included his thoughts on social and political matters. To this day, Krasicki intrigues us with his smile and subdued behavior. In letters to a friend, G. Ghigiotti, he writes about he found a cure for stress.
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