Elity partyjne Polskiej Partii Robotniczej w województwie olsztyńskim – studium prozopograficzne
Data publikacji online: 07-07-2015
Data publikacji: 08-07-2015
KMW 2015;288(2):231-253
Among the analyzed three groups of party activists, dominated activists relatively young, those over 50 and 60 years of age accounted for a small minority. However, considering the membership of the Communist party or its youth, only in Voivod’s Committe there were larger group of people with such a past. A relatively small group of activists of all treatment groups showed a relationship with GL / AL or underground PPR. The two groups of representatives of party activists were characterized by relatively low education, mostly at the universal level and secondary education. Ideally this angle fared Town’s Committe PPR in Olsztyn, the weakest in this category, while the former county committees, which have clearly lacked personnel with a better education. It was, therefore, that the PPR in the region Olsztyn was one of the weakest among the organizational and quantitatively party structures in the country and the local elite party was not counted among the most important. The same position and secretaries of PPR in Olsztyn compared to other provincial organizations was relatively weak.
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