Bohaterowie z Reszla i okolic. Tablica honorowa żołnierzy z parafii reszelskiej poległych w latach 1813-1815
Data publikacji online: 25-11-2019
Data publikacji: 25-11-2019
Autor do korespondencji
Tomasz Marcin Duchnowski
KMW 2019;305(3):476-496
Until recently, honorary plaques were rarely the subject of studies by Polish historians. Only in recent years have studies been published discussing their nature and purpose. Unfortunately, due to their previous neglect, including by local authorities, many of these valuable objects were removed from their original place of exhibition, and some were even destroyed. One such plaque, requiring restoration, is from Reszel, commemorating soldiers from the local Roman Catholic parish who fell in the battles with Napoleon in the years 1813–1815. Before the Second World War this plaque was located outside the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, which could be dated to the refurnishing of its interior in 1822–1843. The table’s inscriptional field contains permanent and temporary elements. The former includes inscriptions with the names of fallen soldiers and their place of their origin. The second includes military ranks, names, places and dates of death, dates of birth, decorations received and others. The correct reading of these inscriptions – often written in the form of abbreviations – as well as their verification led to numerous findings, including those relating to units under whose banners fought soldiers from Reszel parish in individual battles with Napoleon.
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