Personnel rotations in the Teutonic Order in Prussia between the removal of the Grand Master to the Marienburg and the Battle of Tannenberg (1310-1409)
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Universität Freiburg, Switzerland
Submission date: 2023-06-12
Final revision date: 2023-09-06
Acceptance date: 2023-09-07
Online publication date: 2023-10-20
Publication date: 2023-10-20
Corresponding author
Piotr Gotówko   

Universität Freiburg, Avenue de Beauregard 11, 1700, Freiburg, Switzerland
KMW 2023;322(3):463-502
The following article examines the rotation on the offices of the Teutonic Order during the hundred years (January 1310-December 1409). According to the previous opinion, such a mechanism for the prevention of potential corruption seemed to have worked until the middle of the XIV century and ailed afterwards. That statement could have been not be entirely true, as the following research shows that the frequency of the rotations dropped already in the 1340s. In this decade it became for younger brethren more difficult to rise to a higher rank. It explains the existence of the secret oaths for the mutual career help which were banned in 1354. In the 1360s the frequency rotations decreased even more. After the death of the long -ruling Winrich von Kniprode it grew for a short period, as more young brethren were able to reach important functions. But those who did not take the chance immediately, had in the next two decades again much lower chances.
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