Guidelines for reviewing
  1. Manuscripts are submitted and circulate electronically via the editorial panel accessible on the journal website:
  2. The Editorial Board of the Masuro-Warmian Bulletin undertakes a preliminary analysis of submitted manuscripts suitability and assigns external reviewers (external reviewers may also be suggested by the author).
  3. After receiving an opinion of the thematic editor, the secretary sends the manuscript for review. The review is carried out in writing and in accordance with the “double blind” principle (in accordance with the template) normally within 30 days. A revised manuscript is normally reviewed within 14 days. If the reviewer is appointed from the author’s unit or the author’ identity is known by the reviewer, the reviewer shall send a declaration of interest to the Editorial Board.
  4. Upon receipt of the review, the secretary sends it to the editor and to the opinionating thematic editor.
  5. The editor’s decision on rejecting the manuscript, accepting it for publication or sending it back for revisions is based on the review results.
  6. If the manuscript needs to be improved, the author is provided with the reviewer’s opinion. The author has 14 days to correct the manuscript.
  7. After receiving the revised manuscript from the author, the editor decides whether a second review is necessary, or to approve or reject the manuscript. In case of a second review, the reviewer is chosen by the members of the Editorial Board.
  8. Accepted and reviewed manuscripts are assigned by the editor to individual issues of the Masuro-Warmian Bulletin based on the secretary’s opinion. The author receives a publishing contract after the text is approved for print.
  9. The secretary’s task is to send the corrected texts after make-up and to supervise the implementation of the changes.