About begginning of the castle in Olsztyn
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Online publication date: 2021-12-24
Publication date: 2021-12-24
KMW 2021;315(Komunikaty Mazursko-Warmińskie Numer specjalny ):260-281
Analysis conducted in the article allows to reject the view of latest literature about the origins of Olsztyn (J. Sikorski, S. Achremczyk) and partialy return to the findings of an earlier historiography (H. Bonk, A. Funk, A. Wakar). It was therefore concluded that the most likely in 1334, according to the eighteenth century tradition, was established earth-wooden watchtower, however not in Olsztyn but near Lake Bartąg (on the hill between Bartąg and Bartążek), or on the eastern shore of Lake Kielarskie. The question of localization using written sources is impossible to solve, so is postulated to be as soon as possible archaeologicaly researched, the more that object Bartąg the lake is threatened by residential development. The Watchtower has received the name of the whole earth Berting (en). In 1348 chapter decided to construct the city and with him a new stone castle. They selected bend of Lyna in today’s Olsztyn. The old fortress functioned only until the construction of a new castle. In time, the name of this object was forgotten (preserved in the name of the neighboring village Bartąg and Bartążek), and remembered that this area was the seat of the “stare komornictwo“. The unspecified time, a new name, referring to the continuing memory of the old castle, as well as the name of the new castle, hence Alt Allenstein. Tracing the durability of the name to name – at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the nearby assets arising on the site of a former forester Allenstein – as old Olsztyn.
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