Reformation prints from Königsberg in the academic libraries of the Wojciech Kętrzyński Center for Scientific Research and the Museum of Warmia and Masuria
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Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie
Online publication date: 2021-06-28
Publication date: 2021-07-23
Corresponding author
Zoja Jaroszewicz-Pieresławcew
KMW 2021;312(2):328-340
The role of print in spreading new ideas across Europe of the 16th century was commonly known in the times of Martin Luther (1483–1546). The alliance of new religious trends and print is clear and important for both parties. Print surely contributed to the rapid growth of Reformation which, in turn, affected the circulation of print and its very image. Library search conducted by the author in Olsztyn libraries: Library of the Wojciech Kętrzyński Center for Scientific Research (further: Biblioteka OBN), Library of the Museum of Warmia and Masuria (further: Biblioteka MWiM), Emilia Sukertowa-Biedrawina Voivodeship Public Library, Library of the University of Warmia and Mazury and the State Archive in Olsztyn, confirmed the presence of Reformation-related prints from the 16th century in four of them, but only two have Königsberg issues. The Biblioteka MWiM has only three Königsberg prints and the Biblioteka OBN holds 21 prints in 12 volumes.
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