State of research handwritten writings of Nicolaus Copernicus in old prints in the library of the Seminary metropolis Warmia „Hosianum” in Olsztyn
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Wyższe Seminarium Duchowne Metropolii Warmińskiej "Hosianum" w Olsztynie
Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie
Online publication date: 2015-09-29
Publication date: 2015-09-30
Corresponding author
Tomasz Garwoliński
KMW 2015;289(3):409-431
The collection of the Library of the Seminary MetropolitanWarmia“Hosianum” in Olsztyn isten prints fromthe fifteenthandearly sixteenthcentury,whichincludehandwrittennotesof NicolausCopernicus.They are printed in the field of canon law,philosophy and theology.Having these recordsisso valuable because the library of the great astronomer was in 1626 plundered by the Swedes and is in the library of the University of Uppsala. This study presents the first bibliophile passion of Copernicus, and so far the results of the thirty-four notes in the oldest volume from 1472 year, which includes two works of law. It includes numerous highlight, strikethrough, signs reminding finger, bug fixes and minor printing the notes consisting of one or several words. These records relate to students’religious rights, the competence of the pope, the bishop and the abbot and other legal issues.
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