The problem of abusive (offensive and humorous) names of places in Masuria
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Online publication date: 2021-12-24
Publication date: 2021-12-24
KMW 2021;315(Komunikaty Mazursko-Warmińskie Numer specjalny ):47-55
The analysis covered twenty-two names that included words pointing to their origin in an offensive- humorous nickname. Of these, six names (Bździele, Dupki, Piski district, Oszczywilki, Pierdzielewo, Pistki, Zasraje) probably derived from this type of designation. The next two names (Dupki, Gołdap district, Osranki) may also have had a similar origin, although there are also indications to the contrary, which still need to be researched further. However, such a derivation of the names of the remaining fourteen localities (Dopki, Jodupie Wielkie, Małe and Średnie, Kurwią, Kurwik, Pupy and derivatives, Szczybały Giżyckie and Orłowskie, Usranki, Zakałcze) can be excluded. It should be noted, however, that the original foreign wording (Prussian or Lithuanian) of some of these names (Jodupie, Kurwią, Kurwik, Pupy, Usranki) were the basis for later associations with Polish offensive-humorous terms. This is also how the Masurian population understood them (e.g. Usranki) as well as the later immigrant population after 1945. The actual number of offensive-humorous and similar names therefore only make small fraction of all place names, but they reflect in an original way the diverse character of old Masuria’s onomastics.
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