The beginnings of tourism in Warmia and Masuria (1945–1951)
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Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski
Zbigniew Wójcik
Online publication date: 2017-07-04
Publication date: 2017-07-05
KMW 2017;296(2):349–370
Tourist traditions were initiated in East Prussia and continued by new residents of this enclave after the creation of Mazury District in 1945. Despite the massive destruction and population exchange, Warmia and Masurian Tourist Association was established in the autumn. Activists of the newly formed organization secured the remaining infrastructure with zeal and enthusiasm, they launched shelters and promoted the natural values of the region. In the spring of the following year, inspired by Mieczyslaw Orłowicz, a branch of the Polish Touring Association (PTK) was formed in Olsztyn. This enabled the acquisition and renovation of the former material base and the gradual building of the organizational structure. In the wake of this, Warmia and Masuria was visited by many tourists and boaters. Among them there were also senior government officials and generals. This resulted in a good promotion of the numerous attractions of Olsztyn voivodeship. The process facilitated the further development of investment loans. In 1949, due to the high efficiency of local activists, the Main Board of PTK decided to organise the National General Assembly Election in Olsztyn. Then, for the first time there were made proposals of the imminent unification of the Polish Tatra Assosiation with the Polish Touring Assosiation (PTK). However, until the 27th February 1951 there was held the District Tourist Association Congress of the Polish Active Members in the regional capital