The Elizabeth and Klebarski (Victoria) canals. The history and origin of the names – analysis of the sources
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Online publication date: 2017-07-04
Publication date: 2017-07-05
KMW 2017;296(2):329-347
In the locality of Silice, there is an intersection of two channels. Such an original hydrotechnical object became a touristic peculiarity and is often mentioned on websites. From this information and data included in the tourist guidebook of the Purda municipality, it is indicated that two channels –Elizabeth and Victoria – cross each other. In relation to the sources mentioned, the channels’ names are derived from the names of daughters of Emperor William II. In relation to the fact that William II had six sons and only one daughter, the real derivation of these names should be explained. The reasons of the appearance of the channels in the region of Kośnia river. The article describes the circumstances of building channels in the years 1843-1846. Furthermore, the origin of the name of “Elizabeth Channel” has been revealed. Maps and source materials have been investigated to introduce the history of channels’ names as far as German and English administration are concerned.
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