Engineer, social activist, tourist. Contribution to the biography of Aleksander Zubelewicz (1890-1956)
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Instytut Północny im. W. Kętrzyńskiego, Polska
Piotr Bojarski   

Instytut Północny im. W. Kętrzyńskiego, Partyzantów 87, 10-402, Olsztyn, Polska
Submission date: 2022-03-09
Final revision date: 2022-05-11
Acceptance date: 2022-05-20
Online publication date: 2022-08-18
Publication date: 2022-08-18
KMW 2022;317(2):196–218
The article presents engineer Aleksander Zubelewicz - the first post-war head of the communications department of the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland for the Mazury District and the Voivodeship Office in Olsztyn. Aleksander Zubelewicz graduated from the Technological Institute in Saint Petersburg. In the interwar period, he worked as the director of the Public Works Directorate in Nowogródek and Vilnius and as the head of the communication department of the Provincial Office in Vilnius, among other things. Apart from his professional life, he was involved in social issues both before and after World War II. For instance, he made efforts for the development of tourism and sightseeing, and after the great flood that hit Vilnius in 1931 he supervised construction works at the Vilnius Cathedral as part of the Technical Commission of the Committee for the Rescue of the Vilnius Basilica. The text is a contribution to further research on the history of the elites who came from the Vilnius Region to Warmia and Mazury after World War II.